Grand Opening!

You may have seen that Colorworld Books is officially opening a physical storefront here in Winston-Salem… Ah! So exciting! It worked out that this grand opening happens to correlate with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. While Brad and Rachel are fairly neutral on decorating, Michelle (3rd in command) and I (the Administrative Badass) are absolutely not neutral on decorating. Actually Michelle said it best when she said we want to have a “Halloween explosion.”

I grew up in a family that celebrated Halloween in an all in fashion. We made our basement into a haunted house and would have a huge party. Typically my mother would completely deck out our front lawn with a graveyard, and sometimes would extend the spooky decorations out back. We loved it! And my mom encouraged us to run around the neighborhood with pillow cases (yes multiple) gathering the most candy possible. In fact, she would scold us for not going to the neighborhoods where we would get the largest candy bars… haha.

My mother also teaches in an elementary school. Or course to impress the kiddos, she has a different Halloween outfit for every day of the month! One day she came downstairs dressed in a glow in the dark skeleton shirt (obviously a large youth shirt), and skeleton tights. After asking my sister how she looked, my sister replied, “Very Halloween-y, emphasis on the weenie.” If you happen to be someone, like my sister, and not feeling very “Halloween-y,” the grand opening will still be a great opportunity to check out Colorworld Books and see what we’re about.

However, while Brad and Rachel were focusing on CEO and COO business items, Michelle and I have been having quite the fun time with the shop. With their knowledge, of course!

Let me tell you, it is starting to look pretty amazing…

You’re going to want to come see the full affect yourself!

Here’s the run down of the grand opening:

  1. Dates – Our grand opening sales and Halloween festivities will be held on Monday October 30 and Tuesday October 31. We’re open whenever the light is on so come on in!
  2. Trick-or-Treating will be happening both nights so stop by for a treat or a small toy for kiddos.
  3. Grab some pizza to munch on!
  4. Our hall of mirrors will not only get you feel spooky for Halloween, but give you a chance to check out our fantastic metal prints on the way in the shop!
  5. Get cozy on a couch and chat with some friends. Take a load off. Especially if you’ve been out Pokemon hunting for the new Gen III Pokemon!
  6. Grand opening will include convention pricing.
  7. Play some spooky Halloween bowling with the kiddos.
  8. Jam to some Halloween tunes.
  9. We’ve also been asking that if you’re kiddo has sensory issues, please drop us a line and we can set up a time where we can accommodate them.
  10. 10% OFF any merchandise for coming in a costume or cosplay!
  11. With your permission, we would love to share your costumes on our social media. We’ll take a vote and the winner will receive a free LARGE print!
  12. The address is: 1622 South Hawthorne Road Winston-Salem NC, 27103


If you’re struggling to find the right costume this year, check out this list of the most popular costumes this year. Pinterest was cool enough to share their data with Brit+Co. Here’s the run down: Pennywise the Clown (probably brought on by the movie IT), Stranger Things (still at the top of the search results from last year!), Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Giraffe costumes, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones characters, Baywatch, Hippie, unicorn (what?), and a mermaid.

I was totally surprised by the unicorn. Are grown adults dressing up like that? Anyways, whatever you dress up as, we want to see it! If you see a tiny elephant running around the store, that one is my kiddo. I love coordinating family costumes, so I am obviously going to be zoo keeper.

If you happen to be looking for family costumes, check out this list of awesome coordinating costumes.  My favorites are the ghostbuster (#4), Where the Wild Things Are (#10), Care Bears (#20), Milk and Cookies (#23), S’mores (#29), Harry Potter (always, always… I grew up when the books were coming out… so yeah, I am basically a groupie, #35), and of course Star Wars (#39).

Here’s the bottomline:

We are so excited to have a physical store front. We want to share it with everyone. Here’s why: Colorworld Books is bigger than anyone one person. It’s a team of people working to make the world better. When I first started working for Colorworld Books, I did not know what Brad Kelly meant when he asked, “Do you believe in Colorworld Books mission to make the world a better place?” I now understand that in every interaction this team is working to do better and be better. It’s incredible to work with a team of genuine people who are working toward building the world up. Honestly, I have been empowered from working with people who find happiness in creating and building. Truly, “A Colorworld is a better world.”

So, even if you hate Halloween, you’ll still be able to meet this fantastic team and see where the some of the creating happens. Plus, my husband will be there in all of his hating Halloween glory.

We’d love to introduce ourselves to you, and get to know you better too. See you there!


Written by: Victoria Bartholomew