On the first page of Colorworld, the following passage from the Zohar appears:

Some colors are visible; others are not. But all colors are of arcane significance. Only by fully comprehending the visible can one grasp the mere existence of the higher colors—those that are hidden and invisible. But Human kind has not even mastered the colors they can see. Therefore, sight of the higher colors has never been given to Humanity.hebrew

What is the Zohar?

A couple thousand years ago a bunch of rabbis got together and tried to figure out what the Old Testament meant. What resulted was the Zohar, a commentary on ancient scripture.

What scripture does your chosen passage talk about?

Exodus 6:3 “And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob…”

What does that have to do with invisible colors?

What rabbis always seem to do is ask the question: Is there more? They like to ask questions that the rest of us don’t think we’ll ever have answers to. In this particular instance, they wondered what the word ‘appeared’ meant. How exactly would God ‘appear’ to man? It turned into several pages that argued that God and consequently the mysteries of reality appear through colors–some visible, some invisible.

Woah. That’s some deep stuff. Did anyone ever see the invisible colors?

According to the Zohar, Moses was the only one to see both the visible and invisible colors.

So… Colorworld. Does someone see those colors?

Yep. If you want to know more, read the book!