Lumaworld (NEW!!)

Lumaworld Cover
“You’re afraid you’re going to die and your whole life will have been a waste.” -Wendy, LUMAWORLD


Lumaworld is the THIRD installment of the Colorworld Series.

Every kid dreams of having superpowers. Wendy has the power to give them, and the wrong people know.

But now that Wendy has Gabriel back for good, and her brother and adopted sister are by her side, she’s not worried. She has lived with a death touch long enough to know that there are worse things than being on the run from a few crazies.

But when Carl, Wendy’s long-lost father, turns up unexpectedly, he shatters her newfound happiness with a warning:

Wendy’s skin is not the only thing about her that’s lethal.

This time, however, Wendy isn’t running scared. She can share the colorworld with the people who can touch her, and she’s hell-bent on winning against the odds.

But Wendy soon learns that all miracles come with a price.


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