A lot of you waited a LONG time for Colorworld to come out. And here is why:

I didn’t want you to have to wait so long between books!

So guess what? Teleworld is set to be released on Good Friday, April 18th, 2014!

Other than that fantastic piece of news, I’m going to give you a few tidbits about Teleworld. Some things that I get asked regularly that I don’t mind sharing:

1) Kaylen WILL be featured in Teleworld. Heavily.

2) Romantic tragedy. Yep. If you thought Gabe and Wen were done being at odds, you were wrong. You can overlook not being able to touch the love of your life for only so long. The unresolved parts of a relationship are going to surface and crap will hit the fan. Relationships aren’t perfected in a single book, and Colorworld was merely the beginning.

3) Wendy’s past: some things she finally tells Gabe–boy is he surprised; some things Wendy learns about her own past that she never knew. They are about to come to the surface and I daresay all of it will surprise you.

4) More revelatory discoveries about the Colorworld.

5) The cover of Teleworld is just as awesome as Colorworld. It is. Really. And I promise you’ll get a peek at it before the release. News on that will be forthcoming.

Mark your calendar!