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I have gained an appreciation for Eugene’s drive to be pursue his dreams. It adds another layer of difficulty to work internationally, and I grew a new respect for the dedication that artists have. Eugene is a genuine and casual guy. I hope you take the time to watch his full interview on our youtube channel here.


Born and currently living in Moldova, Eugene found Colorworld Books through Rob (another artist on #TeamColorworld). After coloring for Rob, he was referred to Brad at Colorworld Books. This long distance work environment was an easy adjustment since most of his work had previously come from the United States. Eugene says that Brad is precise in his descriptions, which makes face interaction unnecessary.

Initially Eugene worked on Beya Kelly’s artwork and has grown to color for several artists who are on #TeamColorworld. Beya Kelly is the youngest artist on the Colorworld team and is continuing to learn how to make better art. Eugene has been able to see her progress as an artist and appreciates that she continues to grow. Two of his favorite colorings were of Fight Nights of Freddy’s which were both drawn by Beya! While he did not know what the show was beforehand, he completed a lot of research to learn how to color these pieces.


He reminisces, “Yes [I always wanted to be an artists], but I didn’t think there were inkist or colorist. I thought that an artist should make everything. From start to finish… and eventually someone told me that there were artists, inkist, colorists, and guys who put the balloons and text.”


Later he discovered he wanted to be a colorist. He explains, “After finishing the project for a Russian guy. I was an artist and a inkist at the same time. It was a black and white comic book. And it kind of felt empty for me because colors can tell me more than just black and white. When you fill it with color it gives you feelings… it gives you space… it gives you every



thing. When you see cold colors you can see that this should be a cold scene. When you see black and white, you can only see that it’s sad or it’s not.”


While he loved art since a child, Eugene did not always pursue it as a career. Eugene’s diploma is actually in the food industry, and he worked there for a while. Recently he has able to start working more as just a colorist.


Eugene shared this about when he started creating art, “I have been creating since he was very small. At about 13 or 14, when I was at my grandmother’s house… there was a guy… who gave me comic books. For the summerI started reading them. At the beginning I would have 3 or 4 comic books. I couldn’t understand how they did it. Why is the color going gradient? So then I started doing comic books by myself. And that is a lot of work! Working without a computer will take you days and days!”

When Eugene initially made the change from the food industry to colorist, no one thought he would be successful. He explains that in his country there are not comic artists and artistic support for those endeavors. Once he started to make money, people had more faith in his business. He was even interviewed about his comics on TV! Eugene says that he does it for himself, and up until that point, he didn’t talk much about his career as a colorist. In addition to Colorworld Books, Eugene receives commission work from other artists in the US, Italy, India, Canada, and England.


Receiving feedback and critics from Brad is easy because “he’s a client” and Eugene knows he needs to respond professionally. He expounds, “When he asks me [to change things], I start to see things from a different angle.” Ultimately Eugene likes this change of view because he wants to continue becoming a better artist. It’s a balancing act to be confident with you current performance, but want to become better.


The project he is working on now is a personal comic book from a client he has previously worked with. While he doesn’t love royalty work because it has previously meant that he doesn’t get paid, he is excited to be working on a project that pushes him to get better. “I am very excited because I haven’t done this type of comics… When I saw the flats today I was thinking how will I do it? …I am thinking all the time about it. How to jump a little higher than your head is? How to improve?” Like most artists, Eugene is working to balance his own passion in art with paying the bills.


In reference to being apart of the Colorworld Team, Eugene said, “In the beginning I didn’t even know there was a team… then I kind of saw that there were a lot of people involved here. When I saw his photos from conventions, I saw there were big stands of drawings.. and I saw some of mine and saw some of other guys. I and thought there is a big community there!” Being apart of a company and mission that is bigger than any artist alone, is a fulfilling realization for Eugene.

Watch the entire interview with Eugene here.