Justice League vs. Thor: Ragnarok (beware of spoilers within)

If you’ve been following the latest Colorworld Book Facebook posts, there has been some dialogue about whether the DC movies were actually flops or not. Previously, DC movies have had some pretty awful reviews (with the exception of Wonder Woman), but their box office earnings have not necessarily been far behind Marvel movies. The Thor: […]

Sarah Blake

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Jessica Tang

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A “Halloween Explosion” – Our Grand Opening

Grand Opening! You may have seen that Colorworld Books is officially opening a physical storefront here in Winston-Salem… Ah! So exciting! It worked out that this grand opening happens to correlate with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. While Brad and Rachel are fairly neutral on decorating, Michelle (3rd in command) and I (the Administrative […]

Eugene Betivu

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Erik T. Lervold

  Follow Erik: Deviant Art @lervold Twitter @RealErikLervold Facebook @Thermonuclearart Instagram @Erik_Lervold Facebook art page @eriklervoldart Patreon as Erik Lervold   It was humbling to interview Erik. Not only is he passionate about his artwork and creating new ideas, he also shows passion about ideals he believes in. His decisions and thoughts are meaningful and […]