If you’ve been following the latest Colorworld Book Facebook posts, there has been some dialogue about whether the DC movies were actually flops or not. Previously, DC movies have had some pretty awful reviews (with the exception of Wonder Woman), but their box office earnings have not necessarily been far behind Marvel movies. The Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League movie appear to be following the same trend.

The Critic Reviews:

Movie Rotten Tomatoes IMDb Google Reviews
Justice League 41% 7.2/10 88% liked
Thor: Ragnarok 92% 8.2/10 93% liked


As you can see, overall audiences and critics enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok more. I don’t disagree with them. However, it felt like another classic example of DC movies falling short of expectations, audiences really enjoying it, and critics smashing it to pieces. The three comparable parts are: humor, action sequences, and plot line.

The Humor

Justice League tried to lighten up their typically darker and serious feel. They definitely used the addition of The Flash to help that along. As a fan of the CW’s Flash, I was not sold on this quirky character at first. When I allowed myself to let go the serious and morally brooding Berry Allen that I knew, I enjoyed this character more. Some of the humor felt a little forced to me, but overall this character did lighten up the movie.

Even so, there is no contest between Thor and Justice League. Thor was hilarious. I was laughing out loud for most of the movie. The writers did an excellent job of rolling out inside jokes, lovable one liners, and playing up the relationship between Thor and Hulk. It ended up being one of the most entertaining movies I have watched this year.

Action Sequences

Let’s be real for a second: Wonder Woman kicks butt. She is just a bad a**, and her Amazonian sisters are too. In Justice League, these ladies have an amazing action sequence. The scene where they are throwing the Mother Box away from Steppenwolf was gripping. It was epic to watch the play by play of the women hurtling the box, shooting it with arrows, and jumping from horse to horse.

These ladies are the only awesome fighters in Justice League. The other scene that is playback worthy was when Superman is disoriented and fighting the League. This played out well, was believable, and was lightened up by Berry.

Thor’s greatest scene was his initial interaction with the Hulk. Watching Thor tap into his god of thunder powers, without his hammer, was a fantastic win after getting totally beat by the Hulk. The humor that was added into this scene made it memorable and definitely exciting to watch. Obviously the last epic battle for the Asgard, was a hit for audiences. Not only did Thor and the other Asgardians, fight with passion, but you also had the lovable Loki come to the rescue. Adding that the Asgard had to be destroyed in order to kill Helena, was an unseen twist in the plot.

As far as action sequences go, these movies are tied. Both had monumental moments that would make any fan want to re-watch it.

The Plot

After watching the Justice League with my husband, his first response was, “I just wanted more.” And that really wraps my feelings up perfectly. The movie lacked some plot development that the Marvel movies have built up for years. In addition to putting the team together, bringing Superman back to life, and introducing three new characters, the team also had to defeat the alien invader. That was a lot of cover in one movie.

On the other hand, Thor had a lot of development from previous movies. Writers were able to draw on past jokes that allowed the movie to move at an appropriate pace. Many Marvel fans are acclaiming this movie to be best of them all, and while it might be the most entertaining Marvel movie, it didn’t grab the emotional investment movies like Captain America: Winter Solider did.


Ultimately Thor won over critics because of the more seamless plot roll out and the humor woven throughout. Justice League would have been more likable with out so many details being smashed into the movie. But don’t let that scare you off from seeing it. Justice League is totally worth watching!