A few months ago, I was telling Brad and Rachel how excited I was to see Murder on the Orient Express so that I could compare the book and the movie. Brad then told me that I was nerd. You can imagine my indignation. I am working for a company that sells fan art, writes super human novels, and travels the country going to comic cons… I mean come on, how am I the nerdiest one the room right now? Brad then continues to explain how comic books, super heroes, and anime are cool, and that comparing books and movies is not. While I am happy to own my nerdy-ness and awkwardness, I am still struggling to see how obsessing over Fairy Tail, creating original comic books, and building a company on sci-fi novels doesn’t qualify someone as at least somewhat nerdy. Anyways, I digress.

I am pleased, no, thrilled to bring you a comparison of Murder on the Orient Express of the movie and the book. And if you are a book nerd like myself, this is right up your alley.

Agatha Christie’s ability to put together a great mystery is fantastic. Most book lovers praise her work. While she is racist and stereotypical at times, no one can fault her on her surprise endings and turn of events.

Murder on the Orient Express is no different. It was a bold decision to take on such a loved book, especially after the 1935 and 1974 versions of the film, and the TV show Agatha Christie’s Poirot. All of these were well liked.

Reviews on the 2017 Movie

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics – 58% Audience – 59%

IMDb: 6.8/10

Google Reviews: 89% liked it

The Comparison

Overall, this movie did a decent job staying to the storyline. Some of the changes were small and somewhat insignificant. For instance, Poirot and Mary meet initially and how long his mustache was, were just creative interpretations. I would like to focus on differences that changed the plot line.

I think going to see this movie is a must for anything Agatha Christie fans. However, the critics were hard on it because the solution’s roll out was not as mind blowing as they were hoping. But if you are as “nerdy” as I am, you’ll want to watch it and decide for yourself.