The Colorworld Book Series

I, (Rachel Kelly), have a love of superheroes, and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of superhuman abilities. But I’m also a realist. I think way too much, and my sanity depends on putting everything I encounter into context, and that means I need to be able to relate to stories. I need to believe on some level that they could actually exist. When I began to write Colorworld, I wanted it to be the story I had always wanted to read. So this is a superhero story. One without spandex and capes, and full of real people with everyday problems… but also some not-so-everyday problems. It’s about real talents that have been enhanced and existing in this world that we all now know. In comic books and movies we find superhuman abilities so fantastic so as to defy all logic, and the heroes are always battling some monumental enemy, intent on saving the world from evil that presents itself in new and varied forms. Colorworld is a different kind of story, intent on exploring what “realistic” superpowers would really be like and exploring their probable impact on the world as we now know it.

One of the unique things about the series is that there are two entry points: Colorworld (book 1) and Dreamworld (book 5). You can jump into the series with either book. If you want a bit simpler, more background-driven introduction, go with Colorworld for your first foray. If you want a more action-driven, oh-my-gosh-what-is-actually-happening-right-now?!? head-first dive, go with Dreamworld. Either way, don’t forget to leave a review either on Amazon or Goodreads!

Wendy, a 19-year old college student, can sense emotions when she touches people. As the sole caregiver for her younger brother Ezra, she is strapped for cash and decides to participate in an allergy study.

But something goes wrong, and when Wendy wakes up, she learns that someone is dead and it was her skin that did it.

Unable to touch people for fear of hurting them, Wendy is on the hunt for answers. Did they mean to make her a weapon, or something else entirely? That’s when she finds out she’s not the only one; superhuman abilities are real.

Gabe, who works with the company responsible, feels badly about what happened and offers his help. Together they learn that Wendy was targeted for a specific reason, and it has nothing to do with her death touch.

*Intended for 16 and up

The 1st Installment of the Colorworld Series (7 Books) is 352 pages split up into 45 chapters.

In this second installment of the Colorworld series:

After a month of living a semi-normal life with her condition, Wen would rather not think about scary things like the fact that her ability became more powerful all on its own. Or that Louise is still roaming free. Or that she’s about to be married to Gabriel and she has no idea how they’ll manage being unable to touch each other. But the questions won’t leave her alone and she’s desperate for answers.

Wendy believes those answers begin with Subject Number Three, the only person known to have survived touching her lethal skin. When her Uncle Robert finally locates the woman, Wen is sure that an end to her problems is within her grasp.

She’s wrong. They’ve only just begun.

Now, hope for a cure to Wen’s condition is crumbling, Kaylen is missing, and a horrifying accident with her brother leaves Wen desperate and terrified.

Just when she thinks she can’t take much more, Gabriel, the one person Wen thought she could count on, suddenly becomes the one person she fears the most.

The 2nd Installment of the Colorworld Series (7 Books) is 400 pages delivered in 51 chapters.

In this third installment of the Colorworld series:

Every kid dreams of having superpowers. Wendy has the power to give them, and the wrong people know.

Now that Wendy has Gabriel back for good, and her brother and adopted sister are by her side, she’s not worried. She has lived with a death touch long enough to know that there are worse things than being on the run from a few crazies.

But when Carl, Wendy’s long-lost father, turns up unexpectedly, he shatters her newfound happiness with a warning:

Wendy’s skin is not the only thing about her that’s lethal.

This time, however, Wendy isn’t running scared. She can share the colorworld with the people who can touch her, and she’s hell-bent on winning against the odds.

But Wendy soon learns that all miracles come with a price. 

This is the 4th installment of the Colorworld Series:

After facing the dangers of a death-touch, marital separation, and even terminal cancer, Wendy thought she could handle anything. But adapting to losing her supernatural abilities has turned out to be much harder than she thought. To top it off, she’s pregnant, and the prospect of being a mother has Wendy fearing she’ll never adapt to this new “normal.”

Fortunately, when her son, Robbie, is born, Wendy finds renewed hope and determination to love life the way she once did.

Her faith is turned on its head, however, when she learns that Robbie’s life will be cut short by a genetic disease.

In the midst of mourning for the life her son won’t have, Wendy learns that Gabriel’s brother, Mike, has been incommunicado for months. At the same time she also receives cryptic instructions from Robert relating to her quest to save her son.

Both problems take her to Los Angeles, but within an hour of landing, however, Wendy is abducted. Little does she know, the real quest to save her son has begun.


This is the 5th installment of the Colorworld Series: 

A celebratory dinner on a Saturday evening with her younger brother, Ezra, is the last thing Wendy remembers. Last she knew, she was living in California, trying to stay on top of her college classes; provide for her brother; and cope with her ability to sense the emotions of others. She has no idea how she ended up in Missouri and what she’s been up to. No one, not even her brother, is around to tell her. She only knows that years have passed, and the world is in the middle of an apocalypse. Society is steadily crumbling, and its only hope is a no-longer secret organization called the Guild made up of supernaturally gifted individuals called Prime Humans. Wendy learns that not only is she one of them, but she’s far more than an empath.

The Guild is not without opposition. The Prime Human Insurgency Alliance, led by ex-Guild member Andre Gellagher, is out to senselessly massacre all Prime Humans as well as those who support them. The Human Movement, on the other hand, wants the Guild disbanded. They are led by the compelling and tireless Gabe Dumas, who demands that the Guild shed all secrecy to give humanity its best chance against the elements. Wendy, who has found new purpose to her life within the Guild, is ready to fight for her world. And that means protecting the Guild, and bringing the opposition down.

**Dreamworld is the 5th installment of the Colorworld series. Haven’t read the previous books? Have no fear! You can jump in right here!

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