Earl Crump

Earl is an artist and Illustrator privately and for Colorworld books. Make sure to check out his website at divineartonline.com. Follow Earl’s latest work on: Instagram @Divine_Art_Online Twitter @DivineArtOnline.

David Delanty

David is currently living in Tarzana, California, and is working as an Comic Book Colorist and Flash Coder/Animator. Make sure to check out his deviant art gallery atvest.deviantart.com. Follow him on: Twitter @DDelanty  Drawn by Anthony Figaro. Colored by David Delanty.

Chris Ehnot

Chris is currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio, and works as a Comic Book Artist and Graphic Designer. Currently you can find his digital store front at christehnot.com.  In addition to his own freelance work Chris is involved in many on going projects. He is the cover artist at Lady Death Universe and comic book artist at Zenescope Entertainment. He […]

Chelsea Mann

Chelsea is a self employed artist and writer, and is a digital marketer for PlusRugs.com. She studied Biology at Washburn University and is currently living in Topeka, Kansas. In her free time she keeps spiders as pets and likes to take pictures of them! In the future Chelsea is considering studying entomology. She’s a member […]

Bradley L Kelly

Brad not only is the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Colorworld Books, but has added to our team’s artwork. Brad is married to his love Rachel E Kelly, author of the Colorworld Book Series. Together they have four supportive children and work together as a family to create the Colorworld Books company. Brad […]

Beya Kelly

Beya is the youngest member of the Team Colorworld, and lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her family. Being one of four kids, Beya is working to make herself known. Follow her work at: Twitter @BeyaKelly Instagram @BeyaKelly

Anthony Figaro

In addition to creating art for Team Colorworld, Anthony is a comic artist, creator, and writer. He studied at University of New Orleans, and currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Anthony is a member of several independent artist groups. Anthony has been an active member on Deviant Artwork for the past nine years, and opened an Etsy […]

My Graydar’s Tingling for Another Season of Fairy Tail!

To start out, I want to say that I love this movie. It offers plenty to be excited about with only a few things that were distracting along the way. Right off the bat, the art style is noticeably different from the seven seasons of Fairy Tail that we have all fallen in love with. […]