Rob Thibodeau

Rob is the creator of the Comic series Helz Diner. He studied culinary arts at Liason College and showcases his work on With Pen and Brush Studio. Follow Rob on: Twitter @RTHibs77 Instagram  @rthibs77 Pinterest as Rob Thibodeau

Ren Mckinzie

Ren is currently living in Columbus, Ohio and is a self proclaimed, illustrator, comic book artist, super nerd, tattoo destroyer, rabble rouser, paper destroyer, veteran, biker, and retired bad ass. In addition to creating art for Colorworld Books, he also owns his own art company Art with Ren. Visit his digital storefront at Follow Ren’s […]

Nelson Kuang

Nelson is an artist who also likes anime, video games, and, as posted on his tumblr, eating. He studied animation and illustration at San Jose State University and currently lives in Gilroy, California. Follow Nelson on: Deviant Art @burntgreentea Instagram @BurntGreenTea Tumblr at burntgreentea

Michelle Simpson

From Fort Erie, Ontario, Michelle creates art for Colorworld Books and owns her own design business. Michelle can be commissioned for book covers, children’s illustrations, editorial pictures, and graphic designs. Examples of her artwork and digital storefront can be found at Michelle studied illustration at the Sheridan Institute. Keep in touch with Michelle’s work […]

Ksenia Zelentsova

Ksenia currently resides in Moscow Russia. She currently has two digital shops, one through Society 6 at, and at Red Bubble at You can also view her work on her Deviant Art Gallery. Look at all of Ksenia’s work on: Tumblr @lorna-ka Instagram @lorna_ka Twitter @Lorna_Ka.

Garrett Richert

Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Garrett is creates character art for both Colorworld Books and the web comic The Artist. The Artist is a co-creation with Miles Greb and can be found at You can check out the first 10 pages of this work here. After graduating from Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, […]

Eugene Betivu

  Follow Eugene: Twitter @VegasDayReal Pinterest as Eugen Betivu Tumblr @vegasday78  Instagram @VegasDay Portfolio Deviant Art       I have gained an appreciation for Eugene’s drive to be pursue his dreams. It adds another layer of difficulty to work internationally, and I grew a new respect for the dedication that artists have. Eugene is a […]

Erik T. Lervold

  Follow Erik: Deviant Art @lervold Twitter @RealErikLervold Facebook @Thermonuclearart Instagram @Erik_Lervold Facebook art page @eriklervoldart Patreon as Erik Lervold   It was humbling to interview Erik. Not only is he passionate about his artwork and creating new ideas, he also shows passion about ideals he believes in. His decisions and thoughts are meaningful and […]

Ed Middleton

Ed Middleton is currently living in Orlando, Florida and is an artist for Colorworld Books. He has recently started a Patreon account to fund his goals of taking unique artwork to be animated. He promises his patrons exclusive content by supporting his cause for creativity. Ed has been an artist as long as he can […]