With the KickStarter Project funded, YOU, the Reader, will now be able to SEE the Colorworld AND read the beautiful black and white words! Mike Richardson, from Rebel Soul Studios, has started his work on Illustrating Colorworld (Book 1) of the Series. The goal is to have these under your tree for Christmas and you […]

Too much fun and too little time!

We’ve been having a lot of fun these days with #TrendingTopics! For all sorts of zany fun, check out our #YouTube Channel: [youtube=http://youtu.be/UWCC_4Zkwg0] [youtube=http://youtu.be/t6xkQbqM-zY] Checkout the entire lineup here! [youtube=http://youtu.be/UWCC_4Zkwg0?list=UUek3PWGp5OJ0l77WNXGpCOw] Until next time!

Brooding on Ice

You know those brooding artists you hear about? They’re quirky, dress weird, have strange habits, and most of all, are rebellious? They’re real. I’m one of them. Well… I like to think I don’t brood. But in all honesty I do sometimes. But really only when I’m at a point in my writing where I’m […]

Colorworld Math Problem

Remember my last post? My quirky writer’s brain was all hopped up angst over being repeatedly asked what genre Colorworld was? Well, since then I’ve built my bridge and gotten over it. And I decided I would just construct for you an easy to understand math problem to demonstrate: Wow, that took a lot less […]

What Kind of Book is it?

The kind that you shut the heck up and read. Yep. That’s what I wish I could reply. You’d think after the number of times I’ve been asked this question I would have a recited response, but I don’t. In the writer/publishing word, we call this genre. But, frankly, I call it human beings’ asinine […]

Teleworld is LIVE!

Teleworld, book #2 of the Colorworld series,  is now available, and I am THRILLED for you to read it. To purchase, for your kindle or kindle app, click HERE. If you are the traditional type, and paper gives you a thrill, you can also GET IT IN PRINT.               AND, […]

Book 2! It’s almost here!

  Eeek! Book 2 is juuuuust about here. Here is the cover… It’s a bit darker, no? That’s fitting. Book 2 is definitely a bit of that. Want to know what’s inside? You’ll have to wait for the release on April 18th to have all your questions answered, (ie, buy the book), but I CAN […]

Colorworld Backstage: The Making of the Villian

She’s kind of a dissatisfying villian, isn’t she? After writing her for a few books, I still battle with a slight sense of aggravation as to how she turned out. She is a woman whose story never got fully told. She has a life that has never been fully lived. She has a personality that […]

18 Books and how they “moved” my writing

I recently concluded reading 18 books. I completed them in about 2 months. I’m that kind of reader, which is why I don’t do it often. Prior to this stint, it had been years since I’d read anything other than nonfiction. That’s one of the things “they” say you should do though as a writer. […]