Meet Rachel Kelly

Hello, I’m Rachel Kelly and I like to write. A LOT. This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you stuff like how I was born and raised in North Carolina, married an amazing man, became the mother of 4 kids, and currently live in Williston, North Dakota, but let’s face it: that’s boring.  Let’s talk about something more interesting. Allow me to introduce the two halves of myself:

What if-  This is the whimsical me who has always preferred fiction to non-fiction. Fantasy to reality. I grew up watching every episode of Star Trek: Next Generation with my Dad.  My favorite cartoon as a kid was Spider-Man. And as a teenager, I religiously watched each episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. When I went to college I fully-embraced my inner-geek and did all sorts of the nerdy things, including majoring in Computer Science, playing Magic the Gathering and Starcraft, and reading comic books. I have a certain nerdy pride in my geek knowledge and experience and you’ll see that come out in my writing. This half of me is about whimsy. I love stories that ask the question: “What if…?” The stories that tweak reality just a little bit are the stories I fall in love with. These are the stories I write.

Real Life- I like to keep it real. I don’t just write brain candy, ya’ll. And real life, to me, consists of three things: science, philosophy, and human relationships.

Science is the universal language and I am continually fascinated by it because of how it crosses boundaries and can speak to anyone no matter their background. Knowledge of our natural world is the foundation for how we perceive and experience life not to mention it’s just super cool to learn about. Science inspired a great deal of my series because I want readers to feel like the story is something that actually could happen. I don’t want the fantasy to be so far out there that you can’t properly relate to what the characters are going through.

Philosophy is the love of my life. Right behind my husband who was the one who instilled that love in me. I don’t think I can say enough about it and if I tried, it would take a memoir. So just know that I am well-read in philosophy, mysticism, theology, and religious lore. No book of mine will ever be published without major philosophical influence. Philosophy has been my muse for this entire series. For me, writer’s block always begins and ends because of some philosophical hang-up that needs ironing out.

The Human relationship. I’m not so much concerned with falling in love. It’s fun to write, and it gets our hearts all aflutter. But that’s easy. I’m concerned with staying in love. Because that is the part we screw up more than anything else. Writing a real, gritty, and flawed relationship is what I have fought for and continue to fight for with each edit of each book. When all is said and done in this series, I want my characters to go somewhere as people. There is no better vehicle than the human relationship.